Made By:cloudrac3r

The RTW Level Archive is a collection of thousands of custom levels from the forum, complete with custom textures, models, and more. Everything is already sorted in directories, all you have to do is download and place into your Return To Wonderland main game directory, and you're ready to play!

The Level Archive can be download in two versions:

1. Compact Version:

This contains all custom levels, textures, models, etc. Ready to play!

Note: All levels are sorted alphabetically by creator's full name (e.g. CustomLevels/C/Chip/Level001.lv6, etc).

2. Extra Info Version:

This also contains an additional 300MB of info automatically retrieved from forum topics, e.g. a link to the forum topic and images that were posted in that thread. This info can be found in each creator's "info" folder (e.g. CustomLevels/C/Chip/Info)

Please note that, of course, with an archive this size, not every level could be tested. You may well find some broken levels, or levels that work only with a modded version of Wonderland. But that should be a relatively rare occurence.

Credits (and many thanks) go to

Of course they are not responsible for the actual levels themselves - so please do not contact them with questions about individual levels, etc... although I'm sure they'd appreciate a "Thank You" for all their work.

Finally, a huge thank you to the community that has been creating Wonderland levels for the past fifteen years!!! I hope this archive will be a great way for you to (re-)visit Wonderland for many years to come.