Maintained by: Aryan

Current Version of Archive Is: July 2019 (Custom Content released till 15th August is included)

This section of the site includes the complete WA Editor archive available in multi-format downloads. There are also some extra packs given here, which you can download separately. Along with these, the latest versions of WA Editor that are regularly released by the OpenWA development team are also found here.

You have to read this page and select yourself the components you want to download and install. If you can't do so, then you can view answer to question 2 in the FAQs given below.

Note that this page will be updated regularly so better visit here from time to time to be updated. You can view FAQs or ask Aryan if you have questions. It is good to subscribe the archive topic at the forum and this way you'll know about the archive updates.



1. What is this page based on?

Ans: In general, this page actually contains the WA Editor and WA Editor Custom Content. All the downloads are provided separately for convenience purposes. You have to read this topic and select yourself the components you have to download and install. In case you are unable to decide how to download and install, read more answers to questions below.

2. I can't understand how to download and install the stuff. How will I do this?

Ans: Before downloading the contents below, you actually have to decide whether:

  1. You're downloading the complete WA Editor package for the first time.
  2. You already own WA Editor package, but want to update it with newer material.
  3. You have any old version of editor and just want to update the editor.
Now here are my suggestions to download:
Case A:

Download and install the complete WA Editor with archive in section A. I recommend you to use the installer for installing. Then, download and install any subsequent WA Editor updates from WA Editor Builds Page. Download Paradise Quest hub from section E and unzip the contents into a fresh directory. Use "player.exe" to select display mode and "wg.exe" to play.

Case B:

Download the WA Editor archive from the archive page which is here and use the installation instructions in that topic to install the archive. In case you installed WA Editor previously with a WA Editor installer, then you may use the WA Editor update pack in section B to update. It is actually an .exe file and will update your archive with ease. After that, download and install any subsequent WA Editor updates from WA Editor Builds Page.

Case C:

Download the latest version of WA Editor from WA Editor Builds Page and follow the instructions in ‘how_to_install.txt’ to update.


This version includes the v10.1.0 version of WA Editor released by OpenWA team, as well as the latest July 2019 version of the WA Editor Archive and a compilation of manual and tutorial files.

This is a ready to play download. Just download and run the installer and then follow the instructions.

Note: this version does NOT include the the Paradise Quest hub (see separate downloads below). Also see the WA Editor Builds Page for WA Editor updates.

Download Installer Exe File


This update pack will update any old version of WA Editor Archive installed with the old WA Editor installer (which was given in section A at some point) to the latest July 2019 update with ease. You can also use it to update the WA Editor and archive installed from the Midnight Synergy Games Collection DVD.

However, do note that this update pack will only update the WA Editor installed from the WA Editor installer ONLY, if you installed from a zip file then you’ll have to download the separate version of WA Editor archive (see section C). Also see the WA Editor Builds Page for WA Editor updates.

Download Update Pack


This is a collection of adventures and hubs collected by me as a separate download (i.e. if you did not download it as part of the above versions already). It contains the new adventures and hubs, as well as separate folders for Paradise Quest and the WA Editor updates. It also includes the updated WA Editor manual.

Important: it does not include WA Editor but it includes update files for updating old versions of WA Editor to the version essential for the archive. Also see the WA Editor Builds Page for WA Editor updates.

For notes and installation instructions, click here.


This is a huge Hub with 161 Adventures created by Blazeknight. Since this version mods some of the original WA Editor files, this is put together as a complete download with all files.

It is also a ready to play download. Just unzip and play! However, ensure to install this in a separate folder from the original WA Editor, as it will overwrite earlier files.

For more information on Paradise Quest, visit

Download Zip File


This is a collection of several PDF Files. Note that all of these are already included in Version (A) above

Visit the Online Manual!

Download Zip File

It includes a tutorial guide created by me, as well as an offline PDF version of Emerald141's guide.

(For the online version, visit )


Wondertale Series

Description: This series is made by RoberTime. "True Pacifist remake series from Undertale."

I hope you all enjoy!