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Maintained By: Lazy Loof


1. Introduction

This archive contains almost all of the custom content for WA3E released upto July 2019.
The download size of the archive is roughly 93 MB. However for the editor, it is mandatory to have more than 1 GB of space, and more than that if you want to have custom music. Make sure that you have to use 7-zip for extracting it.
Note that this archive also recieves monthly updates.

2. Download

In order to play all adventures properly in the archive, you need the v10.1.0 or later version of WA Editor. You can download them from WA Editor Builds Page.

Note: Plese DON'T install the version available in "Update Files" folder as it is quite old.

Once you have these things, download the "WA3E_Archive.7z" file from the download link given below.

Download: https://archive.zbots.space/WAE/WA3E_Archive.7z

3. Installation

The installation of this archive is pretty easy.

  1. Extract the contents of the archive in a fresh directory
  2. Put all the folders in your main editor folder
  3. Copy "player.exe", "wg.exe" and Data folder to "WA - PQ" directory, however DO NOT OVERWRITE ANY FILE.

4. Features

5. FAQs

1. Why are some adventures doubled?

Ans: Some users release two different versions of the same adventure. Therefore, both the versions are added and so you see duplicate adventures.

2. What other things are excluded from the collection?

Ans: Along with custom music, some unlicensed contents of Pawelec's custom lair is also excluded from the collection. Interested users can download it.

3. How do you created the archive?

Ans: Creating an archive is not that easy. I started my work on July of 2017. I had downloaded all of the custom content at that time, and even arranged them as well as was planning to release it as a archive. However, due to inactivity of community members the idea was discontinued. And when I installed Windows 10, all that arranged stuff was gone! Fortunately, they were already in my WA Editor copy and I saved them in USB. So, I was able to keep on updating my copy. And when the time came, I took all content from this editor copy and prepared the archive. I haven't took the content from USB as it would take time. Now whenever I download any content, first I put it in my main editor copy first and then in the archive.

4. All the custom adventures are already unpacked. Why so?

Ans: As I said in my answer 4, I took all content from my editor copy and prepared the archive. So, all the adventures are already unpacked. This is good; you don't have to wait for more than 500(!) adventures to be unpacked.

6. Other Custom Material

Currently, custom music and some of the contents of Pawelec's Custom Lair are excluded.
Replacements to Pawelec's custom content will be added soon, however AoEO trees from Pawelec's Custom Lair (reason: bad quality of trees) and custom music will NEVER be added to the archive.

But, you can still download the excluded custom material from the Other Custom Content forum: http://www.pcpuzzle.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=36

7. Credits