This site is a collection of user-made material for the Wonderland games. Large collection of custom levels and custom content, a list of user-made solutions, guides for the Wonderland games (coming soon) and much more is now online!

We have divided this site into two dashboards - one for RTW and the other for WA Editor. These dashboards consist of the user-made material for the respective games. Other than that, there is also a separate section for the user-made walkthroughs of the Wonderland Games.

The Return To Wonderland Dashboard

This section contains a lot of levels packs, huge level archives, tips and tricks and much more for Return To Wonderland!


The RTW Archive

This collection is a compilation of over 22,000 (!) custom levels created between the years 2003 and 2018. All levels are sorted into directories by the creator's username, complete with all custom models, textures, and more. Everything is already sorted in directories, all you have to do is download and place extract the Zip-file into your Return To Wonderland (Platinum Edition) main game directory, and you're ready to play!

Main Download

The Level Archive can downloaded here.
This Zip-File contains all custom levels, textures, models, etc. Ready to play!

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The Wonderland Adventures Editor Dashboard

A huge collection of archives, guides, extra packs, builds and much more for WA Editor!


WA Editor Archive July 2019

Includes almost everything of WA Editor released till July 2019. This will be replaced with a completely new version of archive soon.

Direct download is available as a 7z file

WA Editor Builds Page

This page includes various WA# and OpenWA releases of WA Editor. Must see!

Wonderland Adventures Editor Manual and Guide

A separate section of tutorials and guides for the editor. Note: this is already included in the main download above.

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The Wonderland Walkthroughs

Stuck in any Wonderland Game? This section contains level solutions and walkthrough for all the games. Special credits goes to the members of the Wonderland Forum community for most of the solutions.

Click here to access this resource!

Contact Us

You can contact the maintainer of this site ‘Lazy Loof;’ by private messaging on The Wonderland Forum


We are in debt to the entire Wonderland user community for their near endless creativity in putting together levels, models, videos, solutions, and much more. Thanks to Midnight Synergy for creating the marvellous games that united many different peoples from around the world!

However, special thanks go to the following users for putting a lot of work into creating and organizing the archives: ‘cloudrac3r’ for the Return To Wonderland archive and suggestions for this site, ‘Lazy Loof’ for the Wonderland Adventures archive, ‘mette’ for setting up and maintaining the original archive for many years, and ‘tyteen4a03’ for creating a subdomain to host this site. Thank you!